Inspiration from far and wide

Our pillows are crafted and cultured by the world around us, then dyed and handwoven down to the last detail on a handloom in India.

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The neutral lover.

A beautiful balance of sophistication and minimalism. These pillows are entirely unique designs, using clean lines & bold textures to give your home an air of timelessness. Stylize your space with hues of beige, black and gray.

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The Beginning

Mia decided to leave her career in healthcare administration to stay at home with her new baby. Striving to find the balance of being a mom and bringing in an income to help support her family from home, Mia founded The Ivory Gull. She started small and used the platform Etsy. The shop used fabrics made by artisans all over the world.


The Middle

After years of planning, Mia, her husband, and two kids set off to travel the world. The shop is temporarily closed during this time. COVID hit and travel plans were put on hold. During quarantine, Mia’s creative wheels started spinning…


Our New Look

The shop remained closed and Mia strived to make her own designs, have her own website, and create something that was entirely her own. Mia worked with weavers in India to create her new line of pillows. She also worked with a professional designer to help her realize a new website, new logo, and a whole new look. Welcome to The Ivory Gull.